Spirit Release with Soul Piece Return

Spirit Release

Duration: 30 mins, 60 mins
Highlights: Removing targeting and retrieving disconnected soul pieces
Location/Meeting place: Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $150, $200 (all taxes included)


This healing service has 2 options:

  • Spirit Release can help you if you feel you are being targeted by dark forces.
  • Soul Piece Return can be added to the Spirit Release service for those who feel they have disconnected from their soul or have had a lot of traumas.

Sometimes unexplained circumstances in our present life can be traced to interference or attacks on our energy in past lives. These sessions will address both this life and previous lives.


For the Spirit Release session, you will find a comfortable place to sit or lie down where you will not be disturbed. You will be in a relaxed state but awake enough to monitor yourself while Anmarie works on you. She will relay to you what she is seeing or removing. You may notice certain physical sensations in an area of the body that corresponds. You will also observe certain emotions or information that come to you during the session. A discussion will follow, after which the Soul Piece Return will begin – if you have chosen that option.

For this part of the service, you will remain in your relaxed position, while Anmarie goes after specific soul pieces that are ready to return to you. Typically, Anmarie receives details from a scene in your past that you can verify. Sometimes the scene will be from a past life and harder to verify, but you may feel a sense of “rightness” about it or get confirmations that are connected to experiences you are having in this life. Clients have reported health conditions disappearing, phobias or fears going away, memories from childhood resurfacing and other benefits from the Soul Piece Return.

Spirit Release & Soul Piece Return sessions generally take at least an hour or more.

What a Spirit Release does not include – De-possession. If a person is fully possessed, their soul most likely left long time ago. An exorcism may be performed but the practitioner must know how to return the soul. Otherwise, they will be left with an empty shell, which the entity/entities can return to occupy later. Anmarie does not provide this service. She also does not work with those who are currently or have been employed by 3-letter agencies, or involved in secret government programs.

Anmarie reserves the right to end your session immediately should she find any of the above. You will not receive a refund, so please bear this in mind when booking your session.  


For clarity about whether you need a Spirit Release, or Spirit Release with Soul Piece Return:

Spirit Release:   This list is not exhaustive. Sometimes there is so much targeting us, it is a wonder we can even function.

Spirit Release is useful for removing:

  1. Negative entity attachments; non-existent attachments; demons; spirits who have not crossed over and attached to you; harmful energy sent to you and cords to other people from previous toxic relationships; hard to find implants hidden in the real energetic body (which is not the overlay of chakras and meridians); all A.I. (artificial intelligence) interference; false overlays; handlers; false timelines and loops; succubus/incubus energies; hooks from psychics or healers/energy workers; spell work, black magic, curses or hate directed at you in ritual format; implants from channeling a false “light source” or channeling a healing modality such as Reiki and using symbology without knowing the source (many of these methods are easily hijacked); etheric ties, cords, bindings; release from fake “spiritual mission” new age programming; removal of blocks sabotaging your actual soul purpose; blocking long distance energy weapons and mind control; all implants placed on you through group involvement, initiations and other “rites of passage” or simply joining a group in any lifetime; removing hidden green screens and portals to your energy; alien interference on different dimensions or overlays who have targeted you; military and cult targeting and control; new age or spiritual and religious groups, gurus, that leave all their astral energy with you or tied to you, and more.
  2. We will also break all vows, pacts, promises, initiations and contracts from this life and previous lives – known or unknown; as well as false alien contracts of ownership as a means of controlling you; contracts with false light guides, archangels/fallen angels, ascended masters, spiritual hierarchy, federations; and many other so-called false lightworker “guides” and channels.
  3. A Spirit Release session may involve healing the wounds left from betrayal, grief and other emotions caused by the so-called “of the light” guides who gave you healing and other tools, a spiritual mission and then let you down again and again, as your life did not change, nor did your issues get resolved no matter what method you tried. False teachings are the easiest way to discourage and bring down a person; loss of hope; giving our power away; living in fear.

Some possible signs of energy attacks:  drained or depressed emotional state that has no logical explanation/cause; generational curses, schizophrenia; recurring bad dreams/nightmares; series of failures no matter how hard you work or try; problems at night or pressure on the chest; sensing beings around you; cars tailing you or driving aggressively; people in public wanting to run into you or seem to be following you; unexplained ringing or buzzing in the ears; feeling mind wiped and unable to remember simple things; living with emotional, mental or financial energy vampires; hearing voice or thought forms that are not your own – seem to be outside of you or cause pressure on the head; seeing shadows or dark things in peripheral; children in the home mentioning monsters, things visiting at night or imaginary friends; hearing noises in the house; feeling pushed or shoved; finding strange things left on your property or in your home; sexual dreams that you can’t stop or awaken from.

Possible causes of energy attacks or being singled out (doesn’t mean these will always cause attachments or attacks. Some people have better natural protection):

Publicly speaking out; Being a key player in the future of freeing humanity; heavy drug use; antidepressant or mind-altering drugs; sleep aids; undergoing general anesthesia; working or being near cemeteries, hospitals, bars, nightclubs, strip clubs and other low energy places; having a lowered or compromised immune system; provoking witches, satanists or any black magic group; living or having sex with someone who has attachments, is possessed, or have been involved with ritualistic abuse and have not cleared themselves; being in an area where a satanic ritual has taken place; being in haunted or bad energy places; having tattoos (possible portals), scars or anywhere on the skin where it has been cut and penetrated; being involved in cult initiations, rituals or sacrifice; denial and ignorance – denying evil exists thereby making yourself an easy target to drain; watching a lot of T.V.; playing video games; watching porn; bringing in a foreign object into your home – or previously owned one that has entities attached to it; excessive drinking or alcohol; poor nutrition; high doses of processed sugar; hospitalizations; MSG and other food poisons; possibly 5G and other EMFs; a willingness to want a deceased loved one to attach to us instead of crossing over; being around any place that has spirit activity, uncontrolled spirit circles, and regular ritualistic practices; and the list goes on.

Soul Piece Return:  In this service, soul pieces are brought back that have become disconnected due to any of the following: heavy drug use, childhood trauma, sexual, emotional, mental and physical abuse, accidents, another stealing a piece of you or you giving away a piece of yourself, past life trauma, the soul piece wanting to stay in a place in time that was pleasant to escape a difficult life, etc.

The signs of a need for a Soul Piece Return can be similar to those listed for entity attachment, with the addition of schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, large spaces of time with no memories, feeling empty or not whole which can lead to seeking others to fill the space, and co-dependency. A Soul Piece Return session may bring up past memories and experiences that caused the split, and leave you feeling more like yourself as the pieces re-join. Many have reported feeling more peaceful, centered, relieved of pain, physical healing, issues coming to the forefront to be dealt with, and everything that is no longer serving the higher good of the individual tending to fall away.

A Soul Piece Return session may include follow up recommendations for continuing integration and joyful living.