Duration: 30 mins
Highlights: Connecting with a loved one who has passed over
Location/Meeting place: Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $75 (all taxes included)


Would you like to talk with a deceased loved one? During this service Anmarie will make a connection to them and open the door for them to come in and chat. The main driving desire of someone who has crossed over is to make sure that those they left behind know and believe that they are still with them. There may be a certain way they present themselves so that you can confirm it is them. Once this is established, the client tends to relax a little more, and more details or messages for you or other members of your family will come through. Often, in true mediumship sessions, many souls will come forward to talk with you. Sometimes these are people you do not know; maybe your co-worker or a friend down the street knows them. They want to get a message to these people by any means necessary. If someone comes into your session that you do not recognize, Anmarie will simply bypass them. Although many times, recognition comes later in the session or even days, months or years later.

A mediumship session should bring you feelings of relief and comfort. A lot of unresolved conflicts can be healed through these conversations, or bring a deeper understanding of what the loved one was going through prior to and at the time of their death.

Warning: There are two things you need to watch out for when considering a mediumship session. One is going to a “psychic” rather than a “psychic medium”. A psychic will enter your energy and read your thoughts and desires. This tends to be the case when there are too many small details about your past coming up in the session, and the exact person(s) you want to talk to comes in right on cue (although this can and does happen in a regular session, but not on a consistent basis. There are many souls out there, and they will all be making an effort to come in). Reading your thoughts, emotions, and desires is entering your personal energy field and an invasion of your privacy. Anmarie makes it a point to not do this. She finds it to be unethical, as the psychic is not really talking to your family member or friend but deriving information about them from you. Mediumship, on the other hand, is a skill that does not rely on intuitive ability, but rather on the information coming through directly from the soul they are speaking with. Often a true medium will not be fully confident when they relay the information to you, because they are trusting in the particular soul to provide accurate details and not their own intuitive abilities. The second thing you need to watch out for is the negative energy of the reader. Many talk to “demons” impersonating family members. Many of these psychics do not even realize that they are doing one or both of these detrimental practices and so you have to be very careful when choosing who to work with.