Love Reading

Duration: 60 mins
Highlights: Twin Flame, Soul Mate, should I stay or should I go?
Location/Meeting place: Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $150 (all taxes included)

Have you been longing for a soulmate? Someone who understands you, has your back and loves you for who you are? Whether you are single and looking, married and wondering, or seriously dating and think you may have found the one, a Love Reading will uncover all the nuances that suggest whether you are both in it for love, lust or just a fling. Deciding whether someone is the one, or whether you should stay with a particular partner can be broken down into a few factors; the main being your soul journey and purpose. Did your soul choose this person to join you for the ride long-term? Is there someone else who could make you happier? Is there someone on the horizon for you? What do you need from a partner? Anmarie will answer all these questions and more in this reading. She will also analyze the person who may be vying for your attention or already committed to you. A Love Reading is a deep dive into your desires, motivations and reasons for sharing your life with another person. You will leave the session with a clearer understanding of what the next step is in your love life.