Feng Shui Consult

Duration: 60 mins
Highlights: Improving the flow of your life and bringing abundance
Location/Meeting place: In person (locally) or Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $100 / $125 (all taxes included)


Feng Shui can be likened to acupuncture for a building or space. It gets the natural energy flowing by redirecting it to where it is required. Anmarie will discuss with you if there is an area(s) of your life that feels stuck, or where you may experience lack or obstacles. This may include career, income, love life, marriage and commitment, health, children, leadership, reputation, helpful people/friends and more. She will then analyze your living space or business to open up areas that are blocked or congested to improve the flow of your life. Anmarie employs the Compass Directional Method to choose the colors, patterns, shapes and items that will either enhance or calm the energy of the house. She then uses the Bagua Method to bring success to each individual area. She also looks at the delicate fault line between health and family relationships to make sure that is secure. She will leave you with several suggestions to help improve your environment, thus, improving your mindset to create positive change.

Please ensure you have a way to take notes during the session. If you would like the suggested changes sent to you as a document, there will be an additional fee of $25.

A blueprint or handrawn map of your house will be necessary for online sessions.