Chaldean Numerology Consult

Duration: 30 mins
Highlights: Optimize the top 5 numbers ruling your life & change unlucky numbers
Location/Meeting place: Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $75 (all taxes included)


Anmarie is a leading Chaldean Numerologist instructor and author. This reading is based on her bestselling book 5 Numbers of Destiny, which takes a deep dive into karma and how it is affecting your life. Many choose this service because they have read Anmarie’s book and want feedback on their own number calculations or are looking to change their personal or business names. However, if you are a newbie to Chaldean Numerology, this service will also be very beneficial for you.

Chaldean Numerology will show clearly whether you are having good or “reward” karma in this lifetime, or bad “payment” karma, and what to do about it. Anmarie will calculate the top five numbers that control your destiny –the Day Number, Hidden Number, Period Number, Individual Name Number and Total Name Number. Unlike other numerology systems that only describe characteristics and personality, this goes a step further to predict what fate has in store for you. It will explain why you seem to have good luck in some areas and possible bad luck in others, and if there are numbers in conflict, she can assist you in changing them.

She will also cover your address numbers, picking a lucky day for an event and businesses – whether you are already established or getting ready to launch – you can set it up for success. This reading includes lucky numbers, colors, and gemstones for your specific day and month.

Anmarie will need your birth month and day, and your full name on the day of service. Your birthday will determine karma from previous lifetimes, and your name will reveal karma being created in this lifetime. Sit back and relax while your numbers are added up and in-depth suggestions are offered to improve your circumstances and remove obstacles that may have held you back. If you would like to purchase Anmarie’s book prior to your reading, please visit Shop.