Akashic Record Reading

Duration: 45 mins
Highlights: Diving into the records of your past, present and future
Location/Meeting place: Online via Zoom (an email link will be sent to you)
Language: English
Price: $125 (all taxes included)


The Akashic Records is the place that holds all your past, present and future information, i.e. everything that has happened to you in this life and beyond. It is a rich resource for finding answers to any questions you have. Duplicates have been made of the Akashic, so it is important to go to the original blueprint records.

During a session, Anmarie will access your information. She will be led to the answers to questions you have, as well as past life details that may be causing some of the present issues you are facing. Many times, our problems stem beyond this lifetime, originating in past lives. If past life information is necessary or desired, Anmarie will see the scene unfold and describe to you the previous life that is coinciding with your current one. Some of the memories can be quite emotionally charged, but you will leave with a greater understanding of why certain things are happening. If you are looking for quick answers to questions, these can be attained from the records as well.

It is beneficial to come prepared with one or two areas of focus, in order to narrow down from the vast amount of information stored in your records. Then sit back, relax and Anmarie will do the rest.