Tarot Oracle Reading

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Anmarie relates messages from Spirit through the magical symbolism of the Tarot and Oracle cards.  Receive answers and peace of mind knowing what future … Read More

Chaldean Numerology Consult

Anmarie is a leading Chaldean Numerologist instructor and author. This reading is based on her bestselling book “5 Numbers of Destiny”, which takes a … Read More

Love Reading

Have you been longing for a soulmate? Someone who understands you, has your back and loves you for who you are? Whether you are single and looking … Read More

Feng Shui Consult

Feng Shui can be likened to acupuncture for a building or space. It gets the natural energy flowing by redirecting it to where it is required. Anmarie will … Read More

Spirit Release

Spirit Release with Soul Piece Return

Sometimes unexplained circumstances in our present life can be traced to interference or attacks on our energy in past lives. These sessions will address … Read More

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Make sure you’re in a comfortable position when joining this session. Anmarie will walk you through a relaxing visualization exercise, to get you into … Read More

Animal Communication

Have you been longing to know what your pet is trying to tell you? Has your pet’s behavior changed recently? Animals speak to us through telepathy … Read More

Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records is a place that holds all your past, present and future information. Everything that has happened to you. It is a rich resource … Read More


Would you like to talk with a deceased loved one? During this service Anmarie will make a connection to them and open the door for them to come in … Read More

Spiritual Path & Purpose

This service will answer the age-old questions of “Why am I here”, and “Where did I come from?” Anmarie will take a brief look at your previous lifetimes … Read More