Synchronicity Numbers (Numerology Series Book 3)


Are you seeing 11:11 on the clock and other repeating numbers everywhere you look? Synchronicity Numbers can help you decode the hidden messages in these number coincidences!

This amazing oracle will give a detailed intuitive answer for each number. It’s like picking a tarot card only using numbers. The accuracy is astounding.

Anmarie is a 30 year veteran of numerology astrology and tarot. She blends the Chaldean Numerology and astrology connections of each number combination with her intuition and gives you a message. Whenever you look up a number the answer will be significant for you at that particular moment in time. Each number comes with an affirmation to shift or solidify the energy and a crystal, essential oil, animal totem or herb to work with as a tool for focus. The front of the book contains instructions on how to use the oracle. The back section explains a few of the symbolic meanings connected to popular number sequences. The author lists over a 1000 number meanings.

Go Ahead! Pick a number from 0 – 1000.

Grab the book and gain specific insight into your spiritual path and everyday life right now.

Ask a question…

Get an answer.

Need to make a decision?

Close your eyes and let a number come to you then read your message.

Buy Synchronicity Numbers today and reveal the hidden meanings of magical number coincidences in your life!

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