5 Numbers of Destiny (Numerology Series Book 1)


Change your fate – using the lost art of Ancient Chaldean Numerology

Ever wonder why some people have great luck, no matter what they do, and others struggle at the game of life? Could the answer be found in an ancient system of numbers, that rules the day you were born and your name?

Learn about the hidden forces of fate, at work behind the scenes, controlling your karmic destiny.Your personal destiny numbers can pave the way to success or failure, happiness or heartbreak! With this simple proven numerology method, you will discover yours, and learn how to take control of your future…

– Attract prosperity and good fortune!
– See obstacles and setbacks disappear!
– Change negative karma to happy outcomes!
– Go from invisible and ignored, to noticed and rewarded!
– Increase the success of your business!
– Choose lucky baby names!
– Discover who is compatible with you!
– Predict your future!
… Learn the secrets, waiting for you in this life-changing book right now

If you love Pythagorean Numerology, you are going to be thrilled with this complementary system that addresses future and prediction. We all have personal numbers that affect us, but in Chaldean Numerology, its the combination of how your numbers interact together, that decides your fate. This book tackles a seemingly difficult study, and breaks it down into simple steps that are easy to learn!

A standard for those wishing to learn Chaldean Numerology!

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